Energy Savers Insulation offers state of the art insulation services in Edmonton using only industry leading, environmentally friendly insulation products.  The insulation products we use are non-toxic, non-itchy, non-flammable and formaldehyde free.  They are guaranteed not to settle, and are made locally in Alberta from recycled materials.

QT-150x150 ProductsQuik-Therm® Concrete Insulation:

This all-in-one insulation product is high performing, cost effective and environmentally friendly. Do-it-yourselfers will like it’s quick and easy installation.




IN049blowinginloosefill-150x150 ProductsPROPINK® Blown Insulation:

This high-performing insulation product is made right here in Edmonton, Alberta by Owens Corning. It’s partially made with recycled glass, is non-combustible, non-corrosive, non-itchy and will not settle over time.




image-8-150x150 ProductsCLIMATE PRO® Fiberglass Insulation:

This blow-in loose-fill fiberglass insulation is widely used in home renovation and construction. It's a reliable, high performing and highly efficient insulation product. It is formaldehyde free, non-combustible, non-corrosive and will not settle over time.



whirly-bird-150x150 ProductsWhirlybird Turbines:

Proper ventilation is a very important component of an attic insulation upgrade. We use Lomanco’s wind driven turbines to remove heat from your attic in the summer and moisture in the winter, enhancing your insulation’s effectiveness.