Energy Savers Insulation offers insulation services for interior and exterior walls including home renovations, basement insulation and new construction insulation.

There are several insulation products and methods that can be used, depending on your project and preferences. For exterior walls these methods include installing Quik-Therm® or Climate Pro® Blow-In-Blanket System®. After accessing your specific requirements, an insulation product will be recommended to you.

Example of Exterior Wall Insulation Upgrade

walls1 Wall Insulation

In this 1950’s-style home, the existing siding was removed revealing ship-lap.




walls2 Wall Insulation

What we see here is tar-impregnated paperback rolled fiberglass insulation. Notice the void between the studs. Properly installed Blow-In-Blanket® System insulation provides 100% coverage.




walls3 Wall Insulation


In this image we see existing wiring devoid of any insulation covering it. Notice the minimal amount of insulation between the studs. At this point all the old insulation was removed and discarded.



walls4 Wall Insulation


Next, nylon mesh was stapled over the studs creating full coverage.




walls5 Wall Insulation


Loose-fill Climate Pro® has been blown in, completely filling the empty wall cavity before the siding was replaced.