The Quik-Therm® Concrete Insulation System

Energy Savers Insulation uses Canadian-made Quik-Therm® concrete insulation system. This insulation product is eco-friendly, cost-effective and performs better than conventional concrete insulation methods. Your home will feel comfortable and cozy!

QuickTherm-basement-insulation-Edmonton-300x216 Quik-Therm® Concrete Insulation System

QuickTherm basement insulation Edmonton

Quik-Therm® is considered an all-in-one insulation system. One product includes all the components of a highly efficient insulation system including your insulation, air and vapor barrier radiant barrier and framing system. It outperforms, is less expensive and faster to install than conventional wall stud and batting systems. It contains eco-friendly expanded polystyrene (EPS) and no formaldehyde.It contains eco-friendly expanded polystyrene (EPS) and no formaldehyde. It does not absorb moisture and is completely recyclable.

Quik-Therm® eliminates heat transfer through corner posts and studs and reflects radiant energy back to it’s source.



Heat loss without Quik-Therm®               Maximum Efficiency with Quik-Therm®     

Heat-Loss-without-basement-Insulation Quik-Therm® Concrete Insulation Systemenergy-efficient-basement-insulation Quik-Therm® Concrete Insulation System

DIY Insulation

Do-it-yourselfers will love the Quik-Therm® concrete insulation system as it is easy to install and cost-effective. Using tongue-and-groove connections you’ll be able to snap it together in no time. Watch this video to learn more about how easy it is to install Quik-Therm®.

However, for those of you looking for a professional touch with no stress or learning curve, Energy Savers Insulation has you covered.  Contact us and speak with our knowledgeable staff about how Quik-Therm® can benefit your home and let us take care of the installation for you.