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What Is PROPINK® Blown Insulation?

Energy Savers Insulation uses locally-sourced, environmentally friendly insulation products. We use PROPINK® Blown Insulation and it’s made in Edmonton, Alberta by Owens Corning.

PROPINK® Blown insulation is made of virgin PINK FIBERGLAS® insulation, partially made of recycled glass. It’s used to upgrade insulation in existing homes and in new construction. This insulation product is non-combustible, non-corrosive and non-itchy, and offers significant advantages over other loose fill insulation products:

  • It will not settle or lose its insulating qualities or R-value over time.
  • It is installed without fire-retardant chemicals that can promote corrosion of pipes or wires.
  • It will not rot, is non-combustible, resistant to fungus or mold growth, and doesn’t attract or feed insects or pests.

When we visit your property for a free evaluation, our insulation consultant will recommend the insulation product that will best suite your needs. Feel free to contact us to book an appointment!

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