bibs2 Blow-In Blanket ® SystemThe Blow-In Blanket System ® is one of the most commonly used methods in residential and commercial insulation installation. Energy Savers Insulation offers this insulation system, using eco-friendly fiberglass insulation products, to our customers. It offers outstanding thermal performance and high R-values, making it a good choice for attic insulation and wall insulation upgrades.

The Blow-In Blanket System ® uses fiberglass blow-in loose-fill insulation installed in walls and floors held behind a trademarked fabric. It creates a blanket of densely-packed, highly thermal fiberglass insulation that completely fills the space. It fills around pipes, wires and other objects inside the wall, eliminating air gaps and maximizing efficiency.

This insulation system will not settle over time, is non-corrosive, fireproof, water resistant and does not attract or provide food for insects or pests. The insulation is odorless and does not contain any chemicals.

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