Keeping Cool This Summer

Keep cool this summer with Energy Savers Insulation.  As we head into hot summer temperatures, your home can reach temperatures higher than 23 degrees Celsius. While you are noticing uncomfortably warm temperatures in your home, your attic is experiencing worse conditions. Attics can reach temperatures higher than 82 degrees Celsius on a hot summer day. Making it impossible for the heat to rise out of your house and prematurely deteriorate your roof shingles.

The best ways to keep you comfortable and your attic at a more reasonable temperature are to insulate correctly and ventilate. You may think that turning up the air conditioning without proper insulation will keep you comfortable but heat is attracted to cool places so without adequate insulation and ventilation you are inviting heat into your home through the ceiling thus, higher energy costs. Proper insulation and ventilation will prevent the heat coming into your home and therefore energy savings and longer lasting roofs.

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